DreamDance – Season 4 liftoff
Saturday, Sept 20
Om Culture, Seattle, WA

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Reiki Soundscape and Visual Journeys
Embrace the Moon, 1716 NW Market, Seattle, WA


DreamDance presents ~ Kirtronica~ album release
Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda Yogiji performing as Kirtronica
Monday, October 14, 2013 at 7:30pm
OmCulture in Seattle, Washington

Reiki Soundscape and Visual Journeys
Good Karma Center 711 St Helens Ave, Tacoma, WA

Embrace the Moon, 1716 NW Market, Seattle, WA


Visual Portals to the Full Moon Oracle
Saturday, March 30, 2013

Come to experience the direct path of the in-between that comes around the Vernal Equinox which will be heightened by the great shaft of energies of the full moon.

Tiffany Ann will lead us in accessing this visual energy to be used for divination.
The divination medium will not be runes or tarot or even a crystal ball.

It will be Tasara’s sacred trippy visuals projected on a white, white clothe of emptiness.
We will focus on questions, dive into the visuals and thencome out to tell our stories by candlelight.

Tacoma Reiki Soundscapes

Friday, February 1 at 711
Friday, March 1
Friday, January 18
Friday, December 7
St Helens Ave, Tacoma, WA

Combining acoustic guitar, keyboards, didjeridoo, drums, singing bowls and toning with the gentle hands-on healing energy of Reiki.
Presented by local Reiki practitioners and Native American flute player Paul Cheoketen Wagner
delights us with his amazing gift!
Along with Gary Nunokawa on the didj, Bryan, Ken, Tasara, Mike on drum, flute, chimes, didj.
Reiki Soundscape Meetup organized by Eileen Day

BC Shamanic Conference: Bones of the Ancestors

May 9-13, Squamish, BC
Lost Blood Ancestors Ceremony and workshop
Sacred Visuals for many ceremonies

Circle of Great Mystery

Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda Yogiji
Friday, Jan 13th, , 8:30pm Kirtan
Saturday, Jen 14th,, 10pm Kirtronica
Yoga Shala of Portland.

Inspire|Truth NYE Day
Jan 1st, , 9pm Kirtan
10:30pm Kirtronica
Refuge in Portland.


Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda Yogiji
Friday, Dec. 2nd, 8:30pm Kirtronica
Saturday, Dec. 3rd, 8:30pm Kirtan
Waves Studio, Olympia.
So honored.
how it went

Druid Weekend Retreat

Circle of Coll
Sept 9-11, Olympic Peninsula

Spitfire Grill
March 25th


Winter Solstice Installation

1st Thursday – December
666 S Jackson
, [Seattle] WA

October 31st
The Fremont Troll’s Birthday, 7 pm at the Troll
Fremont, [Seattle] WA

Dogum CD Release Party
October 23rd, 8-10pm
Soul Food Books
15784 Redmond Way, Redmond WA

The One Gathering in Seattle
October 3rd, Seattle Center

Decibel Festival
Sept 25th – Hot Flush Label Showcase, 10pm-1:30am
The Baltic Room, 1207 Pine St., Seattle

Sept 26th – Bubblin’ Showcase (9-1:30am)
Motor, 1950 1st Ave S, Seattle

in didj in us didgeridoo gathering
Aug 6 – 8

Photosynthesis Festival
July 23 – 25

Fairy and Human Relations Congress
June 25 – 27

Impromptu Renegade

Undisclosed location sometime in June
industrial ‘hood, Seattle

Cinemasonic Audiovisual Showcase
with NWAV (Northwest Audiovisualists)
Saturday, May 29th, 1-4pm
Folklife Festival

Sky Church at the EMP
Seattle Center

Faux Foret Soiree
2210 N Pacific St, Seattle, WA
Saturday, April 24th, 7-1am
Om Culture

Valentine’s Renegade
Friday, Feb 14th, Ground Zero.
923 S Bayview St. Seattle WA

Late Night Mass

Friday, Jan 29th ’till 4am.
920 Elliott ave W, Seattle WA
Transcendent Church of Bass

Battle of the MegaMixes
Jan. 22nd, Chop Suey

Ballard Artwalk After-party
Jan. 9, Private Art Studio

Christmas Night Rave
Undisclosed location,
Industrial neighborhood, Seattle
Several local DJ’s including Northstar

H’art Evolution

Co-VJ-ing with Andrew Sorkin
Friday, Dec 4th ’till 2am.
920 Elliott ave W, Seattle WA
Transcendent Church of Bass


Speaking From Spaces:
Magic and Storytelling with Didjeridoo and Visual Poetry

in concert with Didjeridoo player Pamela Mortensen and VJ Tasara’s visuals.
November 20 – 21st, at the Embrace the Moon
1716 NW Market St, Seattle WA 98107

 It turned out to be a deeply entrancing experience for our audience.
So much so that we had a little trouble getting them to speak
during the question and answer period!

Production Notes here.

The One Gathering in Seattle
August 30th, Seattle Center

Rogue VJing at Faerieworlds in the Casbah Tent – 2009

Oregon Country Fair – 2009
July 10-12, Veneta OR

Earthdance Midnight Show 2008
Laytonville, CA